Marbella Homemade Grooves comes from two passionate dj´s about all good music and who like to share their tastes and impressions about the last track that is coming out in the market to the dancefloor, beach clubs or bars, etc.


dj Jon Two

Our keynote speaker is as we all know our fellow DJ Jon Two, from which we could be speaking for several pages on this site, his begginnings with music, his experiences and successes, best rooms through which he played, his residences;

Sure we will not finish up ever about all that, for that reason, let us simplify the same experience with his words next to the decks for so long.

(Dj Jon Two, Biografía/Biography)

Name: Jon Version: Two

Dj Jon Two lives a life behind the decks. From Bilbao via Madrid and now in Marbella, has 10 years reminding us how important it is music.

Now this project has found a perfect place to stay and click. Residences: Heaven Café (Puerto Banus), Colonial Café (Marbella), La Cabana Lounge Music Bar (Marbella), Madrid (DC, The Cure, Texas, La Luna).

Sessions: Madrid, Bilbao (La Baraque, Area 51, Bullet, Skylab), Ibiza (Cafe Mambo), Tarifa (3 Mares, Cafe del Mar), Lisbon, Miami (WMC), Marbella (Bambina, Mokelie Bar, Life Style Records), Granada (Opera 4, House Café, Kilombo) and many more.



On the other hand we have dj Angel Burgos, another big name in the world of music along the Costa del Sol and beyond, he has distributed the best of all times, no doubt is a dj to be consider and remembered as soon as you hear him.

Do not miss him, you¨ll never forget.

(Dj Angel Burgos, Biografía/Biography)

Name: Angel  Version: Burgos

Angel Burgos began working as a professional DJ in 2000 locally playing on many local venues. Later he began to be known by different rooms of Andalusia and festivals in Spain, England and also Germany.

Residences: House Café (Marbella), Roof (Puerto Banus), Colonial Café (Puerto Banus), Nikki Beach (Marbella) Bounty Beach (Marbella), La Cabana Lounge Music Bar (Marbella), Life Style Records (Marbella), Mokelié Bar (Marbella), Bambina (Marbella), Cinderella (Cinderella, Marbella)

Sessions: Granada (Opera 4, Industrial Copera), Cordoba (Bambudha, fear), Tarifa (Metamorphoses, Café del Mar, Soul Café), Malaga (Malaga Film Festival, Chanel, Puerto Banus, Marbella Fashion Week , Marbella Dance, the Suite del Mar, Coyote Banús, Funny Beach and around Europe, Leipzig, Germany (Lagerhof, Club Charleston), Dresden, Germany (Live Music Circus), Berlin, Germany (Energie Club Zone Festival), Köln, Germany (Köln Oktober Fest) and many many more.


They think that life without music would be a mistake so they try to translate their musical feelings through this radio. Every moment has its music and every artist has their moment, this is the motto that both maintain wherever they go, while of course maintaining the style that particularly identifies them each for every occasion.

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