Dj Sets, Electronic Music

For all you electronic music lovers, we have here a space dedicated to promotional sessions by house artists, guest DJs in the electronic scene and upcoming live events that will be here for the record. Hope you like them.

Channel 1 (Lounge Music Radio 24h)


Podcasts & Tracks

DJ Fran Maketa

Dj Angel Burgos

Dj A.Romero(Barcelona)

Dj A. Salazar

dj Manuela Mayoral(Berlin, Germany)

djs Wuttig & Reuter(Leipzig, Germany)

dj J. Sobrevela

Carlos Aranda

Francis Doblas

Dj Eeprom_one

dj Boro Young(London, U.K.)

Jaime Sosa

Iván Laz

E. Rivero

Djs & directos de artistas Nacionales e Internacionales

Tlf: +34 699 692 047