Marbella Homemade Grooves Radio Online,

Hello, and welcome to our new website, our radio station in Marbella comes from the hands of the dj’s Angel Burgos and Jon Two, you will find a great selection of music,  Lounge, Jazz, Soul, Deep house and of course, all the best electronic music from around the world and from the Costa del Sol directly to you.

Marbella Homemade Grooves Radio Online

Marbella Homemade Grooves Radio Online

Marbella Homemade Grooves Radio, is not any radio station, if you’re looking for music and radios often, stop looking, because we are an online radio in Marbella that offers 24 hours a day of good music with few breaks, so you can fully enjoy music all day via online, either on your computer, tablet or smartphone, check us out on any platform for online radios, Tune In, and of course Radionomy.

marbella homemade grooves djs

marbella homemade grooves djs

Lounge Music

Lounge music is mostly what you will listen to on our radio. The lounge music is a genre of music that comes from a variation, primarily Jazz, known since the early 50′s which was characterized by sensual, without much burden instrumental rhythms. The lounge is mostly a “performance mode” that can trascend genres as diverse as Jazz, Bossa Nova, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, Ethnic music and Electronic music.


lounge music

Electronic music

In addition, every Thursday we have electronic music sessions, by invited live djs along with djs Angel Burgos and Jon Two, where the main features of the musical landscape for the best dance tracks, interviews, international artists biographies and more, so you know, on Thursdays from 19h to 21h, we´ll be waiting for you, from here, from our website.

electronic music

Electronic Music

Music Programming
From early morning till late night, Marbella Homemade Grooves radio station offers you 24 Hours of music, going along with you through your day. Every night at 22h. begins our selection of electronic music till 2 o'clock, that you dont want to miss. Come and enjoy the music with us.
Smartphones & tablets
Marbella Homemade Grooves Radio is compatible with all mobile devices and edge applications for iPhone or Android. You can listen us from your favorite applications, TuneIn, Radionomy and many more. If you already have it, check us out, download your app and press play.
Upcoming Events
We will keep you updated of most coming events around Marbella Homemade Grooves, live sessions provided by our resident djs, information on events and festivals featured on the Costa del Sol. we will keep you updated about all that is happening, when, where, and why.

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Ambient, Lounge, Jazz, Deep House & Techno